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Kindle is an amazing innovative device introduced by Amazon which sinks the book lovers into a mesmerizing world of books. The device has a wonderful collection of different books which allow users to enjoy unwavering book reading experience. Books are considered to be the best companion of humans for decades. People who are passionate about reading give their best to get the book they want to read. Previously, the library was the only source where book readers are able to find a wide collection of amazing books, but with advancements, a new innovation has come into existence known as Kindle.

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This ebook reader allows the users to read the books of their choice just by sitting at their home with complete comfort. Yes! No more library visit, No more Book Store Visit, All you need a Kindle device and you can read any book you want.

So, if you are fond of reading books, novels, or magazines, the Kindle device is an answer to all your questions. Using a Kindle device can be an amazing experience for book lovers.

Till date, Amazon Kindle has launched the different models. From the Ist Generation to 9th Generation, each Kindle device supports some special features which are different from the other. Not only this, but Amazon has Also launched the Kindle application for the different platforms like MacOs, Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. So, if you are not comfortable with the Kindle device, you can just download the Kindle App and read your favorite books on the favorite device.

Kindle has taken the job of reading to the next level. But along with that, there are certain technical glitches also which can hamper the reading experience of users. Below, we are highlighting those technical defaults:

  • Unable to start the Kindle device.
  • Kindle Frozen Screen Errors.
  • Unable to download the Kindle for PC.
  • Kindle battery is not charging.
  • Unable to transfer the books, audio files, videos and the other documents from Kindle to computer.
  • Kindle is not working after the upgrade.
  • Blank Home screen.
  • Kindle fire passcode recovery errors.
  • Unable to register.
  • Software update errors.
  • Kindle not turning on.
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Massive Battery Drain

Massive Battery Drain

Many times Kindle tablets get turned off due to unexplained or sudden battery drain. This tops the users from accessing the Kindle device.

Ebooks are disappeared

Ebooks are disappeared

Kindle users often complaints that they have lost their downloaded E-books after Kindle reboot. Sometimes, users are unable to access the downloaded content offline which limits their Kindle tablet usage.

Kindle not charging

Kindle not charging

Sometimes, the user is unable to charge their Kindle device. Either the battery does not charge or charge slowly or charge just to a specific percentage.

Kindle app is not loading or crashing

Kindle app is not loading or crashing

The application won’t load and keeps on crashing due to which users are unable to use the Kindle app to read and download the books.

Kindle turning off

Kindle turning off

If your Kindle Fire Device is continuously turning off then you are not alone in this race. The reason could be either battery issues or the device overheating..

Kindle not connecting to PC

Kindle not connecting to PC

Sometimes, the users find difficult to connect the Kindle device to their computer or laptop. The device may not appear in the computer’s driver or you may get an error message that the device is disconnected.

Reset the Kindle

To restart Kindle

  • Press and hold the power button for about 40 seconds.
  • Release the button.
  • After a few seconds, the charge indicator light will turn on.

To reset Kindle

There are three ways to do it:

Soft Reset

  • Go to the Menu and select settings.
  • Again, choose ‘Menu’ within the settings option.
  • Click the restart your Kindle. Wait until the Kindle turns on and off.

Hard Reset

  • Before you perform the hard reset charge your Kindle.
  • ress and hold the power button for 20 seconds.
  • Wait till the Kindle restarts.

Factory Reset

  • Press the menu button of your Kindle and choose settings.
  • Again, within the settings window open the menu.
  • Choose yes from the confirmation window. Let the device restart.

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How to download the Kindle app?

  • To download the Kindle App, open supported app store on your smartphone device.
  • Type Kindle App in the search box and search for it.
  • Choose the first result from the result list displayed on the screen.
  • Download the Kindle app.
  • Install it by following onscreen instructions.

How to fix Kindle Charging issue?

  • Check the Kindle device charger cable. There must be no breakage.
  • Make sure that your power outlet is working perfectly fine.
  • Reboot the Kindle device and if it is not turning on, connect the charger and charge it for 15 minutes then turn it on.
  • Check the USB connection as a loose port can be the reason.
  • If nothing works, you can also contact the Kindle manufacturer for device replacement ( if the device is in warranty period).
How to fix Kindle Charging issue?

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