Why Go For Amazon Kindle Unlimited Cancel?

Undoubtedly, nothing is better than having an unlimited subscription. Surely, you can read unlimited books even without buying them. There is no need to carry the stack of books to read. Whenever you get the time, just open your Amazon Kindle, and read them. But, you may not use the Amazon Kindle on regular basis. In this case, it is good to go for Amazon Kindle unlimited cancel scenario. The reason is very simple. Why pay more when you are not using it? Therefore, you must cancel your subscription.

Are you finding difficulty in the steps on how to cancel Amazon Kindle unlimited? Don’t worry! In this post, you will get to know the steps to cancel the unlimited subscription for the Amazon Kindle. Moreover, here you will find the steps for cancelling the unlimited subscription on desktop and mobile. So, there is no need to go somewhere else. Learn everything about Amazon Kindle unlimited cancel subscription here.

What Will Happen On Cancelling The Subscription?

You may have made up your mind in cancelling the unlimited subscription. So, there is no one stopping you. But, you must know what you will lose. With the unlimited subscription, you were able to read the paid books. But, after cancellation, you will not get the chance to read the paid books. Though, you can read them until your billing cycle completes for the unlimited subscription. But, after the completion, you will have only access to the free books. Moreover, there is no refund for the unused months of your subscription. So, now, it is your choice whether you want to go for Amazon Kindle unlimited cancel subscription. If your answer is Yes, go to the next section to know more.

How To Cancel Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

Now, in this section, you will get to know the steps on how to cancel Amazon Kindle unlimited. As you know. There are two ways possible. One is with a desktop, and the other is with a mobile. So, go through these steps one by one and go with the method that suits you.

How To Cancel Amazon Kindle Unlimited On Desktop

As you are working on the Desktop and want to cancel your subscription from here. Then, you should go with the following steps to cancel the unlimited subscription.

  • First, open the web browser of your choice, preferably, Google Chrome.
  • Next, enter Amazon.com in the search bar.
  • Now, wait for the website to open.
  • Further, log in with your Amazon account credentials.
  • Next, in the top-right corner, navigate to the option “Accounts and Lists” arrow.
  • This will further show you the submenu with a list of saved accounts and options.
  • Now, navigate to the option of Kindle Unlimited.
  • This will give you access to every subscription detail associated with your account.
  • So, this will open another page with all your subscription details.
  • On the left-hand side, you will find the sidebar, “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”
  • Click on the button “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”
  • Further, the prompt dialog will open for the confirmation of choice.
  • Click on the button, “Continue to Cancel”.
  • In case, you have changed your mind, and want to keep your membership, then click on “Keep My Membership”.
  • Moreover, in keeping the membership, Amazon will provide you with some incentives as well.

How To Cancel Amazon Kindle Unlimited On Mobile

As everyone has the access to a mobile, so it is very easy to cancel the subscription over the mobile. For this, you should go with the following steps quickly:

  • These days, every mobile has the Amazon app, open it.
  • In case, you don't have it, then download it from Apple Store or Play Store.
  • Once, you have opened the Amazon app, then sign on to your account with your Amazon credentials.
  • After login in, look for the user icon at the bottom and tap on it.
  • This will open the user page on your mobile.
  • Next, tap the option “Your Account” for viewing the details of your account.
  • Next, the page will open, and you will scroll down to the “Accounts Settings”.
  • In this, find the option “Memberships and Subscriptions” and tap on it.
  • Now, this will open the list of ongoing subscriptions for your Amazon account.
  • Next, in the listed subscriptions, look for the “Kindle Unlimited Subscription” option.
  • Further, below this option, you will find the option of “Kindle Unlimited Settings”, so tap on it.
  • This will open the details for the Kindle Unlimited Subscription.
  • Next, you need to scroll downwards, and choose the option of “Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership”.
  • At last, confirm your choice of cancelling the membership.
  • You may have the choice of incentive, so it's on you whether you want to keep the membership or not.
  • In case, you want to Cancel the subscription, then tap on the “Cancel Membership” option.

In this way, you can cancel the membership on your mobile.

Still Not Cancelled!

Still, you don’t get any message for the cancellation of the membership for Amazon Kindle. Don’t worry, the experts are here to help you out. You can contact them 24X7, and get your queries solved in no time. Therefore, you can share your issue with the steps on how to cancel Amazon Kindle unlimited and get it solved. Once, is done, enjoy your day with free books on Amazon Kindle.

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