You might have experienced frozen kindle paperwhite issue at least once since you have started using it. Frozen kindle paperwhite or slow responding kindle is not something wired or impossible to handle.

This article will make you understand the various possible reasons and the potential solutions to troubleshoot your frozen kindle paperwhite.

Besides kindle paperwhite, the frozen screen issue is experienced by almost every other tablet and Smartphone users.



Following let us study about how to deal with frozen kindle paperwhite when next you face the issue:

Restart your Kindle Paperwhite: a simple restart can solve the problem many a time. Even in the frozen kindle paperwhite; this easiest option could be your lifesaver.

  • Press and hold down the start key for 40 seconds then release it.
  • Kindle will be rebooted and ready to use again.

A corrupted E-book: If your Kindle screen freezes while downloading or opening a new downloaded e-book, changes are that the new e-book is corrupted somehow. Try to delete that particular e-book. Following is how to do this:

  • Go to Home screen.
  • Click on the “Item”.
  • Choose “Remove from Device” option.
  • In case of a sample, you need to choose “Delete This Sample” option from the pop-up appeared.
  • This will remove the troublesome sample or the e-book from your Kindle device.
  • Now press and hold the POWER button for around 45 seconds to RESTART your device.

For 2nd Gen Kindle Paperwhite, it takes around7-15 seconds of pressing the POWER button to restart.

Software version in use: You need to check with your installed software version. If in case you are continuously facing the frozen kindle paperwhite issue and troubleshooting it by restarting. Working with old software could also lead to interruptions. Check if the latest software version is available then upgrade your software immediately.


Although kindle software updates automatically get downloaded on your device and get installed. In case you feel you are working on old version you can upgrade to latest version manually by connecting your device to the computer via USB cable, following is a step guide on upgrading kindle software

Before you start upgrading make sure you know the current version of software installed. For this:


  • Go to the home screen.
  • Click the “MENU” icon
  • Click the “Settings” icon.
  • Again click on “Menu” button.
  • Click on “Device info.”

Start upgrading process

Updating software on your device

  • Go to the home screen of your kindle paperwhite.
  • Click on the “Settings” option under the “Menu” icon.
  • Now click on the “Update Your Kindle.” option.
  • If this option is highlighted grayed or seems inactive that means you already have an updated version or the file transfer didn’t succeed.
  • Click on “OK” button to start the process.
  • Kindle will reboot at its own once the installation is done.

Downloading going on: you may experience slow responding or frozen kindle paperwhite if downloading is in progress. Need not to worry at all. Once the downloading will complete, you kindle will work normally.

Temperature conditions: The surrounding temperature conditions do affect your Kindle device. It is advisable to use your device in normal temperature and avoid extremely hot or extreme cold temperature.

The extreme temperature condition may result in frozen kindle paperwhite or any other tablet or Smartphone. This is not so common reason but who knows some bad day you may experience such wired thing.


Kindle screen accessories like screen guard or scratch shield may also be sinful for frozen kindle paperwhite. When you feel your screen is still or not following commands; try removing screen accessory and operate the kindle again. If it works properly then the screen shield was the reason for frozen kindle paperwhite.

Keep the screen clean: If your Kindle device screen is not clean it may give trouble in following commands. The touchscreen needs to be kept clean and dry. Better to keep it covered when not in use. And if it is dirty clean it with any little damp lint-free fabric. Also, don’t use the touchscreen while wearing hand gloves specials the woolen ones.

Kindle Paperwhite is overloaded: if too many apps are running at the same time, this could slow down the processor and final result will be slow responding kindle or frozen kindle paperwhite. Make it a habit to close or quite the unnecessarily running apps to avoid frozen screen situation.

Low battery status: Not every time but the low battery may cause trouble in the varied functionality of your device; frozen kindle paperwhite is one of those scenarios. Whenever you see the low battery, give it a break and charge your Kindle for at least 30-35 minutes before using it further.

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