How to connect Kindle with Alexa

Are you struggling that how to connect the Kindle to Alexa app? Don’t Worry! We are here to help you. Amazon Alexa is an amazing voice assistant that initially introduced for the Echo range, but now it is also compatible with the Kindle Fire devices. So, if you are using the Kindle Fire device, you can set up the voice assistant for the smart experience just by downloading the application on your Kindle device. In this guide, we are going to share the simple instructions on how to connect Kindle with the Alexa app and use it. Follow the mentioned guidelines carefully to avoid any sort of hassle in the process.

What Alexa can do on Kindle Fire?

With Alexa enabled, a user can execute the following voice commands using their Kindle Fire device:

  • Watch Amazon prime video.
  • Set a timer or alarm.
  • Watch the Flash Briefings.
  • View the pictures from the Prime account.
  • Make the video calls.
  • Schedule the upcoming events.
  • Create a shopping list.

Important - To connect Kindle to Alexa or to make Alexa work on Kindle, a strong and stable internet connection is very important.

From the home screen of the Alexa app, you can click on the Hamburger menu present in the upper left corner to check the options. Now, click on ‘Things to try’ and then top to learn how the Alexa app can help you. If you want to discover the new skills of Alexa, you can click on ‘Skills and Games’ or you can say that ‘Alexa, Suggest the New Skills’.

How do I connect my Kindle to Alexa?

A user can simply enable the Alexa on their Kindle Fire device. For this, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Go to the Home screen and swipe to the right unless you see the ‘Apps’ page. After that, search for the ‘Alexa’.
  • Download the ‘ Amazon Alexa’ app.
  • Once the application is installed automatically, you can simply tap the Amazon Alexa on Home Screen to launch the application.
  • Type in your name and click to continue.
  • Enter the phone number to set up the phone verification. Confirm the code sent to you.
  • After the brief tutorial, you can start using the voice assistant.
Use Alexa for Reading the Kindle Books

If you have the Audible Audiobooks, you can simply listen to them by saying the ‘Alexa, play the audiobooks’, followed by the title.

Amazon Alexa can read the books for you aloud in case you do not have an audible account. If you have Alexa to read the books in the digitized voice, you can simply say ‘Alexa, Play Kindle Book’ following the title.

You can even ask the Amazon Alexa to stop, pause or resume the Kindle book as per your choice.

  • Alexa, Read Louder.
  • Alexa, Stop Reading in 40 minutes.
  • Alexa, Next Chapter.

Wrap Up The aforementioned instructions define How to connect Kindle with Alexa. All the guidelines are very simple, just follow them carefully to complete the process without any hassle.

How do I Connect my Kindle with Alexa?

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