How to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting

If you are wondering how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting, then you are at the right place. Amazon Kindle Fire shares an amazing e-reading experience with the customers and comes with many fascinating features. But, while using the Kindle services, users may come across certain technical issues. One of the most common issues to occur with Kindle is the 'Device Unlock' problem. Although, with simple reset, users can easily unlock to Kindle Fire device. But, if you want to unlock the device without resetting it, you need to follow certain guidelines. In this post, we are going to tell how to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting. So read all the mentioned instructions carefully and unlock your device without any reset.

How to unlock Kindle Fire without resetting

Steps to Unlock Kindle Fire Without Reset

When a user does not use the Kindle Fire device for a long time, the device goes to the sleeping mode. Once the device is in the sleeping mode, the user cannot perform any navigation on it. Although, with the help of the power button, the user can bring the Kindle device back to the 'Active Mode' from the 'Sleep' mode. Here are the steps to follow for this:

  • Slide and 'Release' the power button on the Kindle device for changing the 'Sleep' mode.
  • If you are struggling hard to find the power button on your device, you can simply look at the top of Kindle Fire. In some of the Kindle Fire models like Kindle DX, The 'Power' button is present at the top.
  • All you have to do is just like the power button and turn off the Kindle Fire Sleep mode.
  • In the basic Kindle Fire tablet version, the power button is present at the top. Slide the button from left to right and turn off the Sleep Mode.

Forgot the Lock Screen Password? Follow the steps below:

If you have forgotten the Kindle Fire lock screen password, then you can simply follow the steps below to unlock Kindle Fire device.

  • Swipe to the Right and the edge of the Kindle Fire lock screen. Now you have to type the incorrect password 5 times. You will see the reset option appearing on your screen.
  • Just click on the reset option and it will reset your device to factory default settings.

But, resetting the device will delete all the downloaded or saved data from your Kindle Fire. However, the content you have downloaded from the Amazon if safely stored in the cloud. If you want to download the content again, you need to register your Kindle device with Amazon account.

The Bottom Line

With the help of the aforementioned instructions you can unlock Kindle Fire without resetting it, or by resetting it to the factory default. When you reset the device, you can download the data again from the cloud, just make sure that you complete the account setup process by using the Amazon account login details. In case, these steps do not help you to unlock Kindle Fire, we recommend you to contact the Amazon experts and take their advice to find and fix the issue. The professional will suggest the best possible solution and make sure that you do not hamper your reading experience again due to the device’s unlock issue.

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