Kindle is a series introduced for the e-readers ,developed and marketed by Online Retailer Amazon. Using Kindle device , user can read,download and purchase e-book. For reading books , you can also download kindle app for android which allows you to access the million books from the kindle store over your android phone. The books will include all new releases and best seller. You can read more than 800000 books with kindle application.

Kindle for Android , offer the user with a convenience of reading books whenever they want and wherever they go. With kindle application, you get a power to access the Kindle online store right from your android and read the books of your choice anytime.

Hurry up , get a kindle app for android now:

To download , follow the simple steps:
  • Go to “google play store” on your Android device.
  • Type “Amazon Kindle” in the search box present on the top.
  • Install Amazon Kindle app for android from the search result.
You can also install the Kindle for android from amazon store , for this:
  • Download the amazon store on your android.
  • Get registered by providing the required credential.
  • Search “Kindle for Android”.
  • Now, download the kindle app on android and read and download the books you want.
Kindle app for android

Having trouble?

For downloading the Kindle app for android , make sure that your android phone is compatible with kindle.

Kindle’s latest version for Android application can be installed on the android devices which are running OS 4. Android devices that are running OS4.3 or lower version can download the last competitive version of Kindle from Amazon app store or google play store.

Android devices that do not have pre installed Google play store will not be supported.

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