Download Kindle App for Windows 10

For reader’s treat, Kindle has come up with a brand new Kindle App for Windows 10 using which users can read E-Books on their systems with Windows 10. No need to get disappointed if you don’t own a Kindle as Amazon has now launched the desktop app which you can use for reading your favorite books.

The app also gives access to the largest collection of E-Books which you can read anytime, anywhere! Apart from reading the books, the app also provides other exciting features. You can highlight the text, add bookmarks and add notes to your books.

To make your reading experience more delightful and refreshing, get the latest Kindle app for Windows 10 today!

Here’s a perfect guide you can refer for downloading, installing and using the brand new Kindle app for your Windows PC:



  • To download the Kindle app for PC, visit the Amazon’s website. Search for ‘kindle for PC’. You need to download the app’s installer from the website and then proceed to the application.
  • Download the PC version of the application and click on ‘Download for PC’ or ‘Download for Mac’ button
  • Once the download is completed, it will automatically get installed on your system. You will have to follow the install instructions carefully
  • Open the Amazon folder on your PC and open the Kindle app. You can also search for Kindle in the ‘Run’
  • Once you open the app, you will have to register your Kindle with your Amazon account
  • Open the registration page, enter your email address and password of the Amazon account and sign in
  • In case you don’t have an Amazon account, create a new account


Once you installed the Kindle app for Windows 10, it’s time to start reading and exploring all the EBooks on your device. If you have the app installed on any other device but with the same Amazon account, you can easily download the books to your pc. In the library tab, click on All, and you will be able to browse all the E-Books.

For purchasing books, click on the Kindle store, and the Amazon website will get prompted on your screen. Find the book of your choice and click on ’Buy Now with 1-click’ tab. The E-Book will be downloaded and sent to all the connected devices automatically.

For reading the E-Books on your brand new Kindle app for Windows 10, you now just need to double tap on any book and it will open. Start reading the book while exploring the different features and buttons for customized reading!

You can easily use all the features and functions of the Kindle app for enriching your reading experience. The Kindle app for Windows 10 allows you to discover a wide range of E-Books and spend your time while reading the books on your PC in a hassle free manner!

Kindle App for Windows 10 is here to help you enrich your passion for reading!

Also, If you want to register your new Kindle follows steps to Kindle Registration and instructions.

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