As a Kindle user; at least once everyone has faced the problem of “kindle fire won’t turn on even when plugged in“. Its temporary trouble with your device and gets resolved easily but sometimes the error could be critical that needs special attention.

In this article, you will learn more about this problem and some potential solutions to deal with it. You will also get to know some more interesting facts about your Kindle Fire Device.

The Kindle Fire series introduced by Amazon has been proved “Tour De Force” and is quite favored in the Android tablets section.

Amazon’s Kindle series has been regularly upgraded and numerous options are available now with improved HD quality, size variation & content preference to deliver best to their customers.


The Amazon Kindle Fire series is a lifetime asset for people who love reading anytime, anywhere. In other words, it’s a compact library, which you can access while you are out, traveling or going on vacation.

It is basically an e-reading tablet that allows you to buy and download books, articles, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and any other reading material directly on your Kindle Fire device.


Besides reading e-books, there is a lot you can do with your Kindle Fire; the following are few other fun highlights:

  • Access the internet (complete browsing).
  • Work with your mailbox (write/send or receive emails).
  • It is well compatible with HDTV.
  • Having Bluetooth as a connectivity option, you can hook up to any other device.
  • The headphones allow you to listen to any audio books or your favored music.
  • Download & play all android apps and games.
  • It has special kids feature “Kindle Free Time”, which allows you to set it up for kids.
  • You can access your Skype for all chatting, audio and video conversations.
  • Click photos with primary & front camera for selfies.
  • Stay connected to your Social media world by being active on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Can do your office jobs with help of MS office for creating documents; excel sheet or even presentations & PDf’s.
  • Access YouTube, watch movies, and the list really goes on!

Most of these features are easy to access, in case you didn’t understand how to have fun with your Kindle Fire. Or you want to learn more about installing and using apps on it, you may contact the Kindle Fire customer support service. They can make you better understand. Call 877-690-9305 to talk to a Kindle Fire mentor.



A frozen kindle device is a common problem faced by every user. Every smart device has a tendency to get hanged at some moment including the smartphones & the tablets. The exact reason can’t be declared at once because a little troubleshooting really works sometimes.

If you Kindle fire won’t turn on even if it is plugged in simply indicated that it is “stuck” or “hanged” or have got “Locked”. To make it work again, you need to get this “Unlock”. This could be a Soft Reset or a hard rest.


The Soft Kindle Reset; includes powering OFF and ON of Kindle device after some interval. Here is how it goes:

  • Pressing down the power button for say 40 seconds,
  • Release the button
  • Wait for few seconds and
  • “Turn On” again.

The Hard Kindle Reset; refers to work with the “Factory Reset Kindle“.

  • Go to “Quick Settings”.
  • Select “More” under this.
  • Select “Device”
  • Then click “Reset to Default Settings”.
  • The device will be rebooted automatically; it will help to clear all futile data or apps.


Are you seriously not aware of the reason for your “Kindle fire not turning ON”? Do you remember if by chance you broke your Kindle device? If yes, then you need to invest your efforts & money in replacing the damaged part of your device, instead of troubleshooting with its working issues.

Don’t behave hasty as the Kindle Fire is not easy to open and work with. In any damage or broken Kindle Fire case, straightforwardly call the Kindle customer support. Call 877-690-9305 to get professional help, which is actually required in this case.

People may look for fixing the Kindle device videos on YouTube but believe us; it wouldn’t be suitable for this critical situation. Ask the Kindle experts to assist you.


Yes, the battery could be one more reason “Kindle Fire not turning on“. There could be 3 possibilities:

The battery is out of charge: chances are there that the Kindle battery is out of charge. Plug in the power cord let it charge for at least 30 minutes before you turn it ON.

Malfunctioning of the charging cord: If you discover battery is not charging up, please check with your cable, if it is damaged or not seated well or not working properly? The Kindle charging cords are known for their poor quality. In this case, use another power cable with USB may be of your android device. These are quite compatible with Kindle devices.

Damaged battery: In any wired case, if nothing worked with previous 2 inspections than sadly your battery might be damaged. You need to replace the damaged one with the new one.


The Kindle fire series is well known for its ever-improving features & delivering an outstanding multidimensional experience to its user. It is fact that Kindle Fire HD is a fantabulous piece of technology but even this got some issues to deal with. Some common issues that a kindle fire user might face are:

  • The startup issue; many people complaints that their kindle fire won’t turn on even when plugged in.
  • Struggling while connecting Kindle HD to your PC for transferring any data or files.
  • A perplexing “an internal error has occurred” message while accessing any App.
  • The world famous “Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi” problem.
  • Malfunctioning of Kindle Fire keyboard, sometimes you fail to type correctly as the keyboard doesn’t follow your commands.
  • Media player runs but no sound in speakers or earphones.
  • Browser doesn’t respond.
  • Jammed mailbox.

There might be few other issues, which people encountered with their Kindle Fire. To get things settle back; calling kindle support technician at 877-690-9305 is the best idea.


However, do not ill-consider the problems, if luckily you shrug off the situation by adopting these troubleshooting tips. The suggestion is; in case you regularly face frozen kindle or your kindle fire won’t turn on, better you get it diagnosed once or at least get an experts advice by calling the Kindle tech support team. Call at 877-690-9305 its toll-free number.

For any additional help on using the Kindle fire or even if you are seeking any technical assistance to handle any critical situation, Kindle support team is the best suitable people to speak with. Call the support team to get connected with one of the Kindle engineer, who will assist you to encounter all Kindle fire problems.

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