Kindle WiFi Connection Failure

Kindle is an amazing ebook reader. To download, or purchase books from the Kindle store, a user needs an active Internet Connection. Although, issues like kindle wifi connection failure sometimes occur and hamper the user experience. If you are also facing the same issue with your device and fed up with trying every possible troubleshooting solution, read this post. Here, we are sharing the simple guidelines to fix the kindle wifi connection failure. So, read on and follow easy instructions to troubleshoot the issue.

Kindle Fire WiFi Connection Failure

Kindle not connecting to wifi: Here is what you need to do:

Restart Kindle Device

It is also known as the universal method to troubleshoot the common device’s issue. So, if your Kindle device is not connecting to the WiFi, you can simply restart the device and try to connect it again. This may help you to fix the issue, or you can move to the next troubleshooting step.

Restart the Router

There are chances that something is wrong with your WiFi connection due to which Kindle not connecting to wifi. So, if you need to fix the issue and for that, you can change the DHCP IP address to the Static IP address after the router restart.

Place Device Closer To Router

Your router might be placed in a distant location due to which the Kindle is not connected to WiFi. Thus, it is recommended to place your device closer to the router and then try to connect again. Scan for the wireless network and once you see the network name appearing on the screen, you can simply tap on the name and connect your device to the WiFi after typing its password.

Choose Channel 1-11

To connect the Kindle to wifi, you need to make sure that WiFi router settings for Channel preferences are set to use the WiFi Channel ( 1-11). For more information, you can get in touch with the router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider.

Restore The Factory Settings

If none of the above steps are helping you to troubleshoot the problem, restore the device to its factory default settings. After that, you can connect to the WiFi again and read your favorite books on Kindle.

So, there are some simple guidelines that can help you to fix the kindle fire wifi connection failure issue on your device. Once the problem is resolved, connect your Kindle to the WiFi following the steps below:

  • Restart the router. From the top of the Kindle screen, swipe to the down and click on the ‘Wireless’ option.
  • Make sure that you have turned off the Airplane mode.
  • Click on the ‘WiFi’ button.
  • Tap on the network to get connected. If a network password is required, enter the password details and connect.

Hopefully, the mentioned steps will help you in troubleshooting the kindle fire wifi connection failure problem and let you connect the Kindle to WiFi again. But, if you still find the task difficult, refer to the Kindle user manual and find easy instructions to deal with the problem.

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