What Is Kindle Fire?

For a keen reader, Kindle Fire is an amazing device. Kindle Fire is a tablet with which you can read, play games, or use social media. It is chargeable. It means, there is no need to take along so many books with you to read. Just charge your Kindle and you are ready to use it. But, does your Kindle won’t charge? Well, there is no need to worry.

There can be different reasons why your Kindle is not charging. However, there is a solution to every problem. So, in this blog, you will find the reasons why Kindle won’t charge. Here, you will also find the solution to it. Therefore, without wasting any time, let’s find out the issue and its solution.

Kindle Fire

Why The Kindle Fire Won’t Charge?

As the Kindle Fire is a tablet device, therefore it needs a battery and charging. Without charging, it is not possible to use a Kindle. Therefore, if you have a question, why won’t my Kindle charge, then the possible reasons are mentioned below:

  • Fault in charger
  • The charging USB cable is torn.
  • The charging power source is not working properly.
  • You have not inserted the charger USB properly into the Kindle.
  • The chosen charging mode is incorrect.
  • The battery is too low for a longer time.
  • Fault in the battery.
  • Kindle’s charging port is corrupted.

So, these are the 8 most possible reasons making the Kindle won’t charge. Now, to make the Kindle chargeable, you need to know the solution to each problem. In the blog, you will find the solution to the above-mentioned issues. Let’s get started with the solutions.

Solutions to Why My Kindle Won’t Charge

As you know the different reasons, therefore, you can apply the solutions given below to resolve the issue. The solutions for every issue are explained separately to make it easy for you. So, apply these solutions one-by-one till your problem doesn't get resolved.

1. There is a fault in the charger

In this case, make sure your charger is properly in working condition. For this,

  • You can check your power adapter on other devices instead of Kindle.
  • In case, the other device is also not charging, then you need to change the power adapter.
  • So, change the power adapter, and again try to charge the Kindle. Now, if the Kindle is charging, then your issue is resolved.

2. The charging USB cable is torn

Sometimes, the charging USB is torn from the inside, and it looks perfect from the outside. To check this, again you need to check. To do this,

  • You need to connect the charging USB to the other devices and try to charge them.
  • In case, the issue persists, then the issue is in the charging USB.
  • So, change the charging USB, and charge your Kindle again.

3. The charging power source is not working properly

Now, you have checked the two above solutions and the problem remains, then the reason is something else. The issue with the charging power source can also create a problem in charging the Kindle. To check this,

  • Try to charge your Kindle from a different power source.
  • The proper charging from the other power source defines the resolution of the issue.

4. You have not inserted the charger USB properly into the Kindle

The loose or improper insertion of the charger USB cable is also one of the reasons for Kindle won’t charge. So,

  • You need to check the charger USB cable.
  • The Kindle and power adapter are properly connected to the USB cable.
  • It is so because it is an issue one can miss easily.
  • Also, make sure to clean the charging port as dust can also interrupt the charging.

5. The chosen charging mode is incorrect

Sometimes, charging the Kindle via other devices can also slow down the charging speed of the Kindle. Now, in this case, do the following:

  • Never use a computer or laptop USB wire to charge your device.
  • Try to charge the Kindle with the wall power source and check the charging speed.

6. The battery is too low for a longer time

Sometimes, one doesn’t need the device, and they leave the Kindle unused and uncharged for a longer period. This can also create an issue with the Kindle charging. To resolve this,

  • Check the battery symbol on the Kindle screen.
  • Note if it has an exclamation mark in it.
  • In case of yes, charge the Kindle for 5-6 hours to start it properly.
  • If the issue persists, then replace the battery.

7. There is a fault in the battery

The fault in the battery is the most common reason. It is so because one battery lasts for 3-5 years for Kindle. So, to resolve this,

  • Make sure the charge cycles are not more than 500.
  • For the yes answer, buy the Kindle’s new battery from Amazon.
  • Replace it on your own or take the help of the technician.

8. The Kindle’s charging port is corrupted

This issue is easy to recognize as you won’t see the orange light at the charging port while charging. The previously mentioned points are possible reasons. As none of the solutions worked, then the issue is with the charging port. To rectify this:

  • First, disconnect the charger from the Kindle.
  • Then, wait for 10-15 seconds, and try again to charge it.
  • You need to apply the above step 2-3 times.

These are the basic reasons and solutions to why won’t my Kindle charge.

Is the Kindle Still Won’t Charge?

On applying the above-mentioned steps, if the problem is still there, then try the following:

  1. After applying all the above steps, restart your Kindle to resolve the internal issue.
  2. On finding the stuck display on Kindle, press the “Power” button to reset the Kindle.
  3. At last, reset your Kindle device to the Factory Default settings.

With this, your issue of Kindle won’t charge should get resolved. In case, still there are certain issues, then contact our team. They will provide you with Kindle assistance and will help you out in no time. So, keep exploring with Kindle Fire!


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