Amazon 1 Click Payment Setup

Kindle is a very famous e-reader by Amazon that also has become one of the highest selling e-readers. The ease of use and dynamic features of Kindle makes it more powerful. One of the flexible features of Kindle is its 1 click payment method.

This is a payment option with which you can use your debit cards, credit cards or Amazon store card to connect your Kindle to your Amazon account and make quick payments.

For most of the 2nd generation Kindle devices, the option of 1 click is available. You can enable and disable this 1 click payment while changing the settings.

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Step 1:

Go to your kindle sign in and sign in your account. Log in while entering your Amazon account. After signing in, you will be prompted to ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page.

Step 2:

Manage your Kindle page has further 3 tabs. ‘Your Content’, ‘Your Devices’ and ‘Your Settings’. From this, select the settings tab and click on it. From the ‘Settings’ tab, choose payment settings as we have to edit the payment settings for 1 click.

Step 3:

Once you enter the payment settings, you will be able to browse all your cards. You can use any of the existing cards to enable 1 click payment Kindle or you can add a new card. Choose the card or add a new card while filling the details.

Step 4:

Choose your payment option after adding or choosing the card and press the tap on the yellow key to continue. The button will be on the right side of the page. Add the details of your billing address and again tap on continue once more. You will be able to use the 1 click payment Kindle method after completing these changes.

With this, you can make all the payments and get a book with just a 1 click option. This is a facility which makes the process of purchasing books simply, easy and hassle-free. Perform these steps and your 1 click payment method will be enabled.

These steps generally work for all the accounts. If you are not able to use the 1 click option, make sure the card you have added in 1 click payment Kindle has desired amount of balance. Still, Problem not resolved to Get the Kindle Support Here

A small recap:

  • Manage your Content and Devices
  • Settings
  • Digital payment
  • Edit Payment Method
  • Choose the card/ Add new card
  • Continue
  • Enter billing address
  • Continue

With these changes in settings, you can easily browse or edit your payment methods and enable 1 click payment to purchase and read books quickly!

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