Update Kindle Fire

Just like a tablet or a smartphone, Kindle Fire also receive updates occasionally to add latest features and enhance the security. Most of the time Kindle gets updated automatically. But, you can also Update kindle fire manually by following the simple process. Sometimes, you may miss the update notification for the Kindle but you want to Update Kindle fire. In such a scenario, you can get a manual update for your Kindle Fire device.

If you have already installed the Kindle Fire update then check the version you have installed. Make sure that you have installed the latest version for Kindle Fire.

How to update the Kindle Fire?

If your Kindle Fire has not updated automatically, you can follow a manual procedure of the Kindle fire update.

Below the process to update Kindle Fire using a computer is discussed:

Update the Kindle Fire Direct on the device
  • Most of the people prefer to Update Kindle Fire by following this process as it is quite simple and easy. Before you proceed for Kindle Fire update, make sure that you have an active Internet connection and battery level more than 30 percent.
  • For the Kindle Fire update, open the settings>> Device Options>> System Update >> Check Now/Update. The Kindle fire update option will appear is the update file is already downloaded.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded Kindle Updates, your device will restart for applying the update. Later, you will get a message ‘Installing system updates’.

Update Kindle Fire using Computer

Download the Kindle Update file
  • Visit the “Amazon Fire and Kindle Software Update “ page and download the Kindle update file from there for the Kindle Updates. Before doing all this, it is important for you to check the version of your Kindle device.
Transfer the update to the Kindle Fire
  • Connect Kindle Fire to your computer and on your computer, find out the device icon. For the first and second generation of Kindle Fire, click on the Kindle Fire icon and open Kindle Updates folder. After that, you need to copy the downloaded Kindle update file to the Kindle Updates folder. Then, eject Kindle device from your system.
  • For rest of the generations of Kindle Fire, copy the file downloaded directly to the ‘Internal Storage’ folder. You don’t have to drop the file to other internal storage folders.
Install the updates
  • Go to the Settings>>Device Options>> System Updates>>Update to begin the Installation. Now, your Kindle Fire device will automatically restart and you will see the ‘ Installing System Update’ on your screen.
  • Check whether your Kindle fire updated or not. If the Kindle Fire Update process fails, check for the bugs and take the expert help to fix them.

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