Kindle Won't Charge

There are so much to deal with Kindle devices, the minute issues behave monster sometimes. One such problem is when your Kindle fire won't charge. Quite frustrating the situation is right? The kindle charging is issues are not at all negligible. This article will make you learn about various possible reasons and their fixes in brief.

Sometimes the battery is too low that Kindle won't turn on, you need to charge it before use. If your kindle not charging while plugged you may do the following:

Connecting Power Cable: Simply plug out and plug in the power cable once. Also, disconnect and reconnect the power cable from the Kindle device. Check if the plug is properly inserted in the Power outlet and is supplying power to the Kindle. A poor connected cable may result in kindle not charging while plugged in.

Restart the Kindle: In case your Kindle won’t charge, just unplug the charging cable and restart your kindle by long pressing the power button for at least 20 seconds. After restarting most of the time, the firmware or software minor issues get resolved on their own and the kindle runs smoothly afterward.

Kindle Power Cable: Make sure you are using correct power cable for your cable and it is not cracked anywhere. Try using the cable with any other compatible device to cross check if it’s working fine.

Kindle Power Adapter: Check if the power adapter is correct, it’s recommended buying a Kindle buyer adapter from the Amazon. If you want to use any other adapter first check the power requirement of your kindle like Kindle Paper white input is 5.25V-Max500mA. That means it requires a voltage under 5.25v.

Charging Port: Next, examine your kindle charging port if its lose or broken when your Kindle is not charging. A lose/broken or displaced port won't let kindle charge even if it is plugged in. You need to get this repair from a kindle expert.

Kindle Battery Broken: If your Kindle is quite aged or had encountered frequent restart or charging issues, this could have lead to battery damage. If kindle battery is damaged or aged, it won't let your kindle charge or turn on and in such situation, you have no other option to get it replaced with the new one.

Dead Battery: Over usage or no usage for a long time can result into dead battery situation, the dead battery won't be recharged even if it’s plugged in, just replace it. Kindle won’t turn on after a particular time period.

Adjust Brightness/Volume level: Sounds wired, isn't it? But if nothing worked, why not to try this as well. People shared their experience that they could charge their kindle once they lowered the brightness and the volume level. Well, really don't know what exactly chemistry but if it works then, good for you.

For any further assistance; call the Kindle help support number 1-877-690-9305

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