Your Kindle is Unable to Connect at this time

Do you see an error message on your device saying that ‘your Kindle is unable to connect at this time’ whenever you try to update the Kindle device? Well! The reason could be a lost internet connection. Whenever you update the Kindle device, be sure that your device is present within the range of the WiFi network. You can restart the Kindle and try again to get connected. But, if the problem still persist, read on and find the easy steps to troubleshoot the ‘your Kindle is unable to connect at this time’ problem.

Before we proceed next, we would like to tell you one thing that; you cannot download the book on your ebook reader without an active internet connection. So, if your internet connection is not working fine, you need to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

Kindle Fire WiFi Connection Failure

Easy Tips To Fix Internet Connectivity Issues

Check Airplane Mode

Your Kindle won’t connect to the internet if you have turned on the Airplane mode. So, you need to check and make sure that you have turned off the Airplane mode on your device.

Check The Internet Running Condition

Your internet must be working fine to update the Kindle software, else, you will receive an error saying that ‘your Kindle is unable to connect at this time’. Check the internet speed and if something is wrong, you must contact the Internet Service Provider.

Restart The Router

If none of the above steps are helping you to fix the connectivity issue, restart your router and try to get connected to the internet again.

How To Update Kindle?

Once your connectivity issue is resolved, you can proceed next and update the Kindle device. Here are some easy instructions that can help you to install the latest Kindle software for your device:

  • Connect the Kindle to the WiFi network.
  • From the Home screen, you need to click on the ‘Menu’ button and then select the ‘Sync’ option. Check for the items.
  • Plugin the Kindle and leave your device like this connected to the wireless network overnight.

So, consider these steps and you would able to connect the Kindle to the WiFi network. Follow the steps and resolve the ‘Kindle unable to connect’ problem. Once you are done, your device will update automatically. And, if this is not the scenario, you can update it anytime by visiting the Kindle official website.

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